Wake Up – Available Now

Wake Up is out now. A five track worship EP marinated in dance, pop and rock with some ambient and experimental seasoning, for anyone tired [...]

What’s The Deal With “Crown of Praise”?

Crown of Praise started with the small idea of releasing small “chapters” of music. Where recording a whole album can be prohibi [...]

Brand New Album Available Free

The Collective is an new initative to showcase and release Christian musicians and artists.  Their exciting first project called Collective [...]

The Holy Ghost Movie – Review And First Reaction

With the amount of marketing I had encountered online relating to this new docu-movie from Darren Wilson, ‘hype’ was what I was [...]

The Future Death Of Worship Music

Sales of Christian music are down between 16-19%  in the first quarter of 2014. This is a reflection of the whole music industry, where al [...]

Review – Speak, Brother – Dry Bones EP

So, this is unusual in the fact I’m reviewing something not directly related to worship music. However, as I’ve written about so [...]

Interview with Ryan Baker-Barnes – Part 2

You can read part one of this interview here… Ryan Baker-Barnes continues his interview with Jonny, talking about his influences, song [...]

Interview With Ryan Baker-Barnes – Part 1

British-based, African-born Ryan Baker-Barnes serves as the Worship Pastor at Revival Fires Church in Dudley, West Midlands.  He is also i [...]

3 Simple Tips For A Worship Leader

Whether you’re just starting out leading worship, or you’ve been leading for years, it can often be a daunting task.  Sometimes [...]

SWALK (Sealed With A Loving Kiss)

Worship is not music.  We know that.  Worship is a full-life offering, encompassing all our living. I was thinking recently as to what our [...]

Worship Songwriting – Tip No.2 – Lyrics – The Plumb Line

In writing a pop or rock song…in fact any genre except congregational worship songs…anything goes. You can write from any experi [...]

Worship Songwriting – Tip No. 1 – Self Critique

Good worship songwriting is critical in playing a part of the Church’s growth, health and maturity.  It is a big responsibility. One [...]

Do You Noel?

So often we can sing songs, without fully appreciating the meaning – especially common with old hymns, where the language can be old f [...]

Coming Back To The Heart Of Christmas

One of our worship leaders sang Matt Redmans Heart of Worship this week and changed the lyrics to “I’m coming back to the heart [...]

What A Way To Be Kept Humble!

Not much needs to be said about this, just watch! Martin Smith (ex-Delirious) is brought down to earth by a simple unexpected button press&# [...]

What Notting Hill Taught Me About Worship

In the famous clip above, Julia Roberts character (a super-famous rich actress) tells Hugh Grants character (essentially a nobody)… &# [...]
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